How to Multiboot Mark II?

Could anyone please share their knowledge and experience on the possibilities of multi-booting the Mark II? So we could for example be able to choose at boot time whether we wanted to boot Dinkum Mycroft, Classic-Core Mycroft, NeonOS, or OVOS, etc. I have experimented in the past with multibooting Linux both off of internal drives or off of USB drives, and it occurred to me that this could be a very useful direction for using the Mark II.

Sure, swap in the USB stick of your choice.

Swapping usb sticks works for me - I don’t switch that often.

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ha ha, cute. Not what I’m talking about.

I may experiment with using MultibootUSB for example. Here’s an article with some software that might work to accomplish what I have in mind: 5 Best Software to Create Multiboot USB Flash Drives in 2023: Find what tool to use and how to create a multiboot USB

have you tried any of it? How’d it work out for you?

Some time back I used (I think the software might have been) MultibootUSB to create USB drives that would allow me to boot multiple Linux distros, and yeah, I absolutely loved it. That past experience brought this new possibility to my mind. But I haven’t tried it yet with the Mark II.

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