How to install own skill on debian(armbian)/where to put skill folder?

Hi everyone,

after some try and error I got mycroft installed at my Orange PI PC with ARMBIAN 5.27 stable Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS 3.4.113-sun8i.

Now I’m trying to make my own skill. I used the helloworld template from the github,

I like how well its explained how to create your own skill but from there I stuck. I really don’t understand where to put the skill folder. I tried /opt/mycroft/skills but somehow mycroft didn’t recognize the intent words I’ve declared for my skill. I’m even not sure if mycroft has installed it probably.

If I take a look under ~/.mycroft/skills/ there isnt a folder named after my skill but I dont really know if it should be there at all.

Maybe a option for the msm script to install local scripts direct from their folder would be a good option.

Also I’m a little confused why there a 3 different Kodi plugins. I’ve realized everyone has its own set of functions but wouldn’t it be better to merge them al into one. I also would like to see the ability to switch channels from the tv headend server provided from my kodi(osmc on a pi3).

Surely I am willing to help but I’m being far away from a professional programmer. I’m able to work with python2.7 more or less and have a relative good understanding from the commandline/linux but only compared to my friends xD

If there are some german speakers out I would really pleased if we maybe could communicate but englisch is also. I suck at both languages so ¯\(ツ)