How to install mycroft when your cpu does not support AVX

According to the instructions at get-mycroft/linux, if you do not have AVX support: “Technical users may be able to build an older version of TensorFlow (1.13) from source using the instructions provided on their website.” However the does not install any tensorflow, so why tensorflow is needed, and by which module?

If I need tensorflow, is the version 1.13 that I need?

After I compiled the old version, how do I make mycroft use it?

There no help for people that do not have AVX support and I do not want to use PocketSphinx.


tensorflow is used by precise, any somewhat recent cpu should have avx instructions

either find a way to install precise/tensorflow, or you have to use pocketsphinx

In a old 32bit laptop i ran into same issue and had to use pocketsphinx

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I do not understand, is mycroft-precise installed by mycroft setup?

How do I integrate the old version of tensorflow in mycroft-precise?

I do not understand, does dev_setup install mycroft-precise?

Precise is installed as part of mycroft-core. As mentioned above, it requires tensorflow. On x86 cpu machines, you may have to download and install a version compiled for the kind of cpu you have. If you can’t find one, then compiling yourself is an option.

Lastly, you can switch to using pocketsphinx for your wakeword, though it is not nearly as accurate as precise.

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Yes, I know all that, but first of all I could not find any precise installation as part of mycroft-core, I could not find any installation of tensorflow as part of mycroft-core, so my question is: once you have compiled your version of tensorflow 1.3 what files are required for mycroft to work?
Where those files go?

Saying: “Technical users may be able to build an older version of TensorFlow (1.13) from source using the instructions provided on their website.”
is too generic and does not help at all.

if you want an out of the box solution there isnt any, most likely precise will eventually move to tensorflow2.0, and it doesnt make sense for mycroft (the company) to spend resources on supporting decades old cpus for a couple users

if you found that comment too generic id say you need to bite the bullet and use pocketsphinx, or run in a more recent machine, there really isnt anyone around for hand holding on this

everything is open source, start by trying to run from source code

mycroft downloads a binary for precise automatically, you will need to provide your own, default path for binary is ~/.mycroft/precise/precise-engine/precise-engine

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thanks, that makes sense.

Almost there. I finally managed to get it almost working.

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