How to install & activate skills on Picroft

Hi everyone
I have just installed Mycroft (Picroft) on a blank new SD card on a Raspberry Pi 3.
It is working ok with the standard installation i.e. it can answer basic questions etc.

The problem I am having is with installing and activating additional skills.

I have cloned the git hub files for both Hue and also a Kodi skill.
Neither seem to be recognised by Mycroft (when I say activation phrases nothing happens).
There seems to be conflicting information about where to install them - some pages say to clone into ~/.mycroft/third_party_skills whilst others say to just install in ~/skills.

There is also some ambiguity around where the config / ini file is and what it is called.

I love the idea of this project and have been eagerly awaiting the Pi image but am now disappointed that I can’t use it for anything more than “Siri” type questions. For Mycroft to be truly useful, I want to be able to control other devices such as Kodi / Hue etc.

Any advice and/or guidance on how to install skills and how to activate them would be useful to everyone trying this out and hopefully encourage the writing of many more skills…

Hope someone can help!


Hey @Adam!

I’m working on some getting started docs right now with the Raspberry Pi. We’re also working on ironing out a few bugs, one of which relates to 3rd Party Skills.

You should put them in the ~/skills folder. It’s a shortcut that corresponds to /opt/mycroft/skills
The bug adding skills should be resolved.

Whenever you add a skill, remember Mycroft only looks for Skills when it first starts, so either restart Mycroft or reboot your Pi.

Hi. I built a (ping) skill and wanted to test it out on my Picroft. But I’m having trouble testing it on my Picroft. Any updates on the state of 3rd party Picroft skills?

Dear @Karl,

Do you mean we have to download the skill from repository and paste it in picroft’s sd card (in /opt/mycroft/skills). ??

And after doing that will i have to activate skill from

What issues are you having with your skill? You should be able to check the Skill logs and see any issues.

The logs on the picroft are stored in /var/log/ and named either mycroft_skills or whatever is the correct value for the log you are looking for. Normally when dealing with skills, mycroft_skills is what you want to look at.

Any errors in your code should turn up there, but as long as your code is correct and you have it in the ~skills folder, it should work. The logs should show that the skill was added.

Yeah, you will need to download them to your sd card.

You can also use git clone. We are also working on the msm installer which does it automatically. Right now it will clone it to the correct directory, but might miss some dependencies depending on the skill, so check github for that.

For more info on msm, type msm in the terminal.

As for activation, right now there really isn’t any skill activation via You just need to restart mycroft and it should search the correct directories and add new skills automatically. Rebooting the pi does the same thing.

Thanks for the info. Skill is up and running now!