How to get metadata info from

hi there-
it seams that stuff for mycroft has change abit in the last few updates, and playback has shifted a bit from mpeg123 to vlc
is there a location or input.output that that one can use to grab metadata of the file being played. from the

as this shift has messed of screen display of information for mycroft

mpg123 or the “simple” audioservice is still default as long as it can handle the uri (local or http, but not https). Vlc will only be available if it’s installed on the system.

The audioservice interface offers a track_info() method that will reply with the current track information (title, artist, and album).

thanks , I guess I should of said the shift of the skills to to use VLC as the backend. looking at the track_info() it seams to be a more for utterance – but I was more interested for streaming radio services to display the stream Song Data. as song changes. with the use of mpg123 it was displayed in the logs so it was easy to process Metadata… with VLC I can not seam to figure out a way to capture the streaming Metadata – would you have a suggestion of how ??? as track_info() seans more for utterance

I’ll dig into that to see if I can get that info into the track_info as well…Can you point me to a stream I can use as a reference?

well I guess the easiest example is tunein skill, it recently switched to VLC…

but as to stream I guess any of these would work

I know this one has streaming Metadata

the metadata displays within VLC player

and if using tunein skill . top hits, comedy club. classic hits. country hits , rock hits - all should display metadata - if you reverted the tunein skill to using mpg123 it list the metadata

just pinging @johnbart as he might be interested in this discussion given it relates to TuneIn

Figured out a bit. the track info of the song playing on the stream seems to be passed down through a NowPlaying meta-key (while artist/title is for the main stream)

Did a quick change in the branch bugfix/vlc-streamin-title just setting the returned value to the name value returned by track_info.

If you get a chance to test let me know if it works for you as well.

thank you - I will give it a try to see if I can get it to work… just have to figure out track_info() usage first