How to confirm an order?

Picroft works fine on the Raspberry Pi 3b+ Computer. It also uses my old Logitech webcam as microphone and has a low level threshold to react on my “hey Mycroft”! Congrats to the developers, great stuff guys!

One problem is there, i couldn’t solve yet… When telling “hey mycroft” to reboot or shutdown, is asks for my confirmation. But it doesn’t matter what i tell mycroft, the order won’t be done.

Do i have to say “hey mycroft confirm” or “hey mycroft yes” or what are the words to tell?
Do i have to add “hey mycroft” at first when confirming?

Thanx for your help and greetz from Germany

When Mycroft asks for confirmation you may have noticed that the “listening” sound is played. Then you don’t have to say the wake word “hey mycroft”, just the confirmation phrase, e.g. “yes” or “no” (in most cases).

Hi Dominik,

thanks for your reply. I actually heard the “pling”, telling me waiting for an answer or confirmation. Saying yes puts the utterance ‘yes’ to the screen, but nothing happens.

That’s why i was asking about the right way to confirm an order.

I would appreciate some further help.


btw: Do i need to install a certain skill for this?

Hi Caruso,

No extra skills are required for this, it comes installed by default. It sounds like something is preventing your device from shutting down, presumably a process that just doesn’t want to quit.

It would be worth checking your logs, if you say “Hey Mycroft create a support ticket” that should package up the logs located at /var/log/mycroft/ and email you a link. If you are happy posting it publicly you can drop it here, otherwise email that to support at, preferably with a link to this forum topic.


just tried a little with some orders. Installing Cow Lists-Skill worked fine after saying “confirmed”. Unfortunately “shut down now” requires a confirmation but does nothing after. I created a support ticket and had a look to /var/log/mycroft.

In the skill’s log, theres only a two-liner for this:
13:37:03.808 - QuestionsAnswersSkill - INFO - Searching for shut down now
13:37:04.510 - QuestionsAnswersSkill - INFO - Timeout occured check responses

Do you have an advice for me how to fix it?

Thank you .

Hi Caruso,

I hadn’t thought about this one before, but this won’t currently work on a Picroft.

The utterance is handled by the Stop Skill which is present, it asks for confirmation and then sends a system wide message system.shutdown. All of the systems then respond to this in their own way ensuring a clean shutdown. On a Mark 1 there is a Skill that performs this and other actions for the enclosure, however no such Skill exists for Picroft.

You (or anyone reading along) could modify this for the Picroft if you really wanted the shutdown functionality? Or we could post an issue on the enclosure-picroft repo detailing the issue and calling for contributors.

It would be a fairly simple Skill but a nice addition, if you’re up for it :slight_smile: