How to Change The Voice

Hi,I’m fairly new to the Mycroft community.
I’m using the default voice,which is British Male,which uses mimic1.Today, when I was scrolling through the documentation of Mimic1,I came across the fact that we could set different voices for Mimic1. I am really interested in the voice ‘voices/cmu_us_slt.flitevox’,as it is loud enough for me. I couldn’t hear the default voice as loud as I wanted it to be.
Is there any way to change the voice to the mentioned one?
I’m currently using Elementary OS 5.1.7,based on Ubuntu 18.04.
Also,is there any way to speed up mycroft? I’ve used alexa in linux,using AlexaPi, but it couldn’t do simple tasks like opening firefox or setting a remainder,etc.It’s very fast and gives me a reply in 3-4 seconds,while mycroft takes 5-6 seconds.Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Swap that for ‘slt’?

Responsiveness depends on several elements, starting with the wake word, speech-to-text recognition, skill logic, skill response and text-to-speech. The two that typically take the most time were the STT and TTS portions. The skill parts can also take time especially if they’re calling in other resources.

Depending on your setup it may be possible to speed things up. CPU speed can help, running your own STT and/or TTS server locally on good hardware. If you’re using pocketsphinx or a custom precise wakeword, those can be slower as well in some cases. Skills, of course, all depend on the skill.

So,is mimic2 faster than mimic1?
(Also,I didn’t understand the code,as I am fairly new to these kind of things)

If run on the right hardware, it’s possible.

Right Hardware,like?

OK,now I understood the code.Thanks for your help.But now I’m in a confusion whether I should use mimic 1 or 2 due to speed issues.

Try them both for yourself and see…

OK. Thank you very much.