How to build a skill that recognize the person

“mycroft, happiness 5”

and it will know it’s me and add 5 with a timestamp to a db

“mycroft, happiness status”

“team happiness is 7”

As a start I would like to do it for one user only and eventually for multiple.
Any idea how to do that?

Great idea. How would it determine happiness? I am planning on a recognition skill but it will be limited to facial and/or audio at first. The scope for determining happiness is very high. Maybe scope is not the best word but it’s not very possible. Unless mycroft asked the user what their current happiness level is.

What I meant is the user will tell Mycroft the level - anything between 0 10

Yes this would be a great first skill to program for you. Are you able to do this? If not I could work with you to set it up. It seems like you are real active on this forum and others have introduced themselves and dropped off. I don’t want to make that mistake. It would be nice to actually work with someone else on any project so respond if you are interested or see if there is a way to send me an email.

I think there is a problem with the forum. i don’t see the last message and gmail didn’t send my reply…

I agree. Sorry I got busy there for a while. I’m back into hacking away at Mycroft. I didn’t get your message either. We should swap emails… Or can the forum system allow us to see each others email addresses somehow?