How many Android devs are here?

I’m developing the newest Android Core, and was just wondering how many devs are hanging around, to get some insight and discuss the project.

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I haven’t done much Android Dev in a while, but I am familiar if you just want to bounce ideas off someone.

I actually have most of the Core App for Android developed, but I am sure that it could use some error-checking, and since I’m a junior dev it could probably use a touch up on good coding conventions. Mostly, I’m trying to get a feel for who is around once I submit the pull request for it

That’s the link to my GitHub. Mind the ‘lack of activity’ because all the work I’ve done (the whole thing) doesn’t show until i have an accepted pull request (I rebased their app, and deleted everything, so it shared a merge-able git base)

I’d drop by, then on ~android channel, there you should find those who are interested/working on the android version

I’m in there as well. There just aren’t many Android devs around. I’ve posted there before I posted here.

Oh, I’m not there, so I didn’t see you there, sorry.
As android development is not a priority at the moment, but build a good core base, perhaps there is not much movement on that channel right now.
But hey, if you’re an android developer, probably you are in a good position to attract more experienced developers to work in this awesome project! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! I’ve been talking with skr8yn1ck, and my app is lined up to take over the existing core app. The speech recognition is working pretty well (on device), and the intent parser has been ported from Padatious to a TensorFlow network that I also have already working on device. I’m just refining the networks, and implementing the skill execution. It’s not that far off from being usable (but still very alpha), which is why I was trying to see who was around and interested.

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Cool! I cannot help at dev, but I would like to try out the android app when you want for betatesters!

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For sure. I’ll be sure to let people know when it’s usable

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@Prof_Birch I’ve got it starred and will take a look at some point. I am just now diving into Mycroft and am focusing on skill development and room distribution first (as those are on my personal hotlist :wink: )

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Looks like a cool project! I have some android dev experience.

awesome. please, check it out. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m proud

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