How long of a time should it take to update a Mark I

Is there a time frame when an update has been ‘too long’?

I have told MyCroft to update to the latest version 3 days in a row. She said she is downloading it in the background, it might take a while, but should be running the latest version ‘soon’. Last night, I rebooted her and her eyes went yellow and they have been yellow since.

This is an update from 20.0.3 -> 20.0.4 as I keep her on the latest versions.

Hey Randy, there’s an issue with the Mark 1 update service at the moment, caused by the expiration of a root SSL certificate.

It is possible to do a work around on the device but we’d advise to just hold on until we’ve resolved it properly.

Hey Randy, this has been resolved, let me know if you’re still seeing any issues.

Looks like she is OK now, with a twist. I asked her today what version she was on. She let me know and that I wasn’t on the latest version and did I want to update. I told her ‘No’. She said ‘OK’ and a while later she rebooted and was on the latest version.

I like her to update, but since I said ‘no’, she really shouldn’t have (but I am glad she did).

The no response would have been honoured in terms of not updating immediately, however it doesn’t currently turn off future automatic minor updates. Major updates eg 19.8.9 > 20.4.0 require user confirmation.

Will have a think about how we should handle this.

Hello - could this issue be resurfacing with the latest update? She’s (Mark I) been on yellow eyes for 10 hours so far.

Hey Randy, it was a pretty sizable update with a few new/changed dependencies so can take a while however definitely not 10 hours. Did you already try power cycling the device?

If it is perpetually stuck on yellow eyes, the easiest option is probably to flash the SD card with the latest Mark 1 image.

For the Mark II we are looking at better update systems to ensure this can’t happen. So in the event that an update does fail, it will roll back to the previously working state.

Yes, I have power cycled it a couple of times with no success. I have also run manual update (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade) via SSH and power cycled afterwards. Still no luck. It has been another 10 hours prior to the SSH commands and 5 more after them for a total of about 25 or so hours.

I will look at flashing the SD card. It is just a pain to remove/replace on the Mark I. Hopefully, access on the Mark II (I am a backer on Kickstarter) will be better.

:frowning: sorry to hear that

On the Mark II, we are switching to USB boot and making these easily accessible so flashing or running your own software will also be much easier.

No worries. I pulled the SD card last night and it is being a pain to format/write with an image. I is the original one, so it could be on the way out. Replacing it should solve the issue. I will let you know if anything else comes up.

Oh, and thank you for the prompt response and information. It is appreciated.

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I have the SD card loaded back in to MyCroft. She did an update, I reconnected her and did OS updates and she is going well.