How is support coming on the Pi 3 B+?

Does it work yet, and the docs need to be updated? What exectly is the problem, is it that nobody has gotten around to supporting it or is it soimething that is very difficult and people are actively working on?

See Mycroft changes conf file? someone did, probably via dev install.

Yes, I have it working well from the picroft image. What issues are you having? I run Linux exclusively, so that helps.

I thought the picroft image was still only worked on the 3B not the 3B+. What changes were done to get it to work with the 3B+?

My apologies… I run the pi 3b, not plus. I wonder why it’s a problem though. What issues are there?

The mycroft sd card image is created with Debian Jessie Lite. Apparently the Jessie release of debian does not support some of the hardware changes in the B+ and there has been limited success getting mycroft to run on Debian Stretch, something to do with a Python OpenSSL error I think.
More information here Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Compatibility?
and here Picroft Survey 2018 – Results and Roadmap implications

OK, so I don’t have a Pi3B+, but one potential solution I read in the referenced posts was to use a picroft image that has been updated (and is based on Jesse Lite).

I definitely have one of those. I could, if anyone would be interested, update and make an image of my picroft installation and drop it on GitLab.

Let me know if anyone is interested in that option.