How do I use MyCroft in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?


I just found out recently about MyCroft. I am currently a linux lover, and am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I have used Windows 10 from time to time and loved the feature of Cortana, and thought huh… I wish linux had this capability. Then BAM! I heard about MyCroft, I thought I was dreaming but nope MyCroft is real. I looked into it, and I’m a bit confused. While looking around I heard that you can install it in Ubuntu, but when I go to the MyCroft website, it shows a device. Is MyCroft something you have to buy separately like that amazon ai device? Or can anyone install it on their linux os? If so, how do I install it and is it safe and stable enough to install without ruining my system?



All you need is here : :slight_smile:
Github page :

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I went through the necessary steps on the Github page. I’ve installed it by running both scripts. I restarted my PC and started the MyCroft services by running ./ start, but there’s one problem. How to I start using MyCroft, I am trying to pair my device on the cerberus website. Also, how can I get the GUI for MyCroft to display?

Thanks again!

Haha, nevermind that old reply above, instead I tried using the apt-get install method. But still problems presist, I don’t know how to actually use mycroft. I keep seeing these pics on google and other sites with mycroft having a “Cortana like GUI”. I’m just so lost and confused, help would be appreciated.

I think the best way to get an answer is to join the slack group as you can see in the top of the README on Github :
-> Join the Mycroft Slack(chat) channel:

There is a channel #troubleshooting, join it and ask your questions :wink: