How do i train a precise wakeword

I want to train a wakeword to be “Sam” but i cant find any resource to help me in how to train it. can someone help me?

Have you checked out this page?

I feel like a big red start here would help me sometimes.
the Binary Install states its for the “pi” what about 64 bit Linux desktops.

If you follow this YouTube video you will be able to create your own wake word. If you are not familiar with Linux, it may be a bit confusing, but if you pay attention and follow the steps, I can assure you that it works.

yes i did and it teaches nothing about how to train a precise wakeword

that looks extremely time consuming
why cant mycroft recognise when i say a certain work like how it does when its hearing my voice for commands

It can… using Pocketsphinx as described in the first part of that video.

Unlike normal voice commands, the wakeword is being matched against everything the microphone “hears”, so it must respond properly (including not responding properly) against a much much greater amount of input.

So reliable wake word detection without false positives is very challenging, hence the use of neural networks like precise. Voice assistants like mycroft may seem simple from a users’ perspective, but there is a lot of challenging software problems involved behind the scenes, the wakeword is just one.

Virtual_lusamine did you ever succeed in creating Wake Word ‘sam’. Ive had the same problem trying to create wake word ‘hal’ any progress made much appreciated.

I’m no expert on the plumbing of voice, but I heard once that wake words should be at least three syllables.

Hope this helps.

-Mike Mac