How do I get support from Mycroft?

I have tried direct email. I have tried posting on their contact web page.

I cannot get any responses.

I see here that posts asking for help with issues are also going unanswered.

Is this just an expensive broken alarm clock?


What questions do you have? Please post them here.

-Mike Mac

When I turn on NPR radio…I cannot get it to stop. When I set an alarm, I cannot get it to stop ringing. Most of the “Basic Commands” do not work. I get either no response from Mycroft…or I get nonsense like “scoopy do where are you”. Sometimes “I do not understand”.

I have tried every way to get support for this device( contact us on their web page…email to support, email to a contact I had) I get no response from anyone.

Right now it is only a broken alarm clock

How do I get help.?

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I just booted my Mark II and asked “Play NPR radio”, and “Play National Public Radio”, but got “Cannot find any {news} stations” :frowning: So you did well to get NPR to play from my point of view. Then I asked “Play news on the radio” and got the BBC World Service. Both the square stop button on the touchscreen display and a verbal “Hey Mycroft” … “Stop” did stop the feed.

I asked “Set an alarm for 1 minute” - it started beeping in about a minute. Then again “Hey Mycroft” … “Stop” did work.

We do see some feedback from Mycroft (Gez, Kens and even the CEO Michael Lewis) answering forum and chat questions, but they are few and far between. This, coupled with the fact that they are selling RasPis leads me to believe they want to get out of the hardware business. It would show leadership to announce this or at least some part of their plans to the community, but the crickets continue to chirp on this front.

Regardless of what Mycroft does, the code is free and open source, and someone (such as OVOS/Neon) will pick it up and maintain it, I believe. In the end, it will win over the proprietary code, just as GNU/Linux won over SunOS/AIX/HP-UX, etc.

Now I just tried “Hey Mycroft” … “Shutdown”, “Go to sleep”, “Shut yourself off” and a few others. None of them worked. I had to pull the plug and crash Linux to save power. … sigh …

Hope this helps.

-Mike Mac
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This is false advertising and bait and switch.

I was sold a working out of the box personal assistant. I got a broken alarm clock.


I am writing to these folks…and their legal offices and demand they deliver what they sold or issue to me a FULL refund AND return postage to send their junk back.

I spent quite a bit of time in email discussion a year ago about how this would work for my elderly Mother. They sold me this saying it would do all of the following….set alarms, set timers, set reminders, make and edit lists. It does none of these.

This is a scam. Yell it from the tree tops….this is a scam and everyone needs to be warned about them.

LOL they aren’t going to help you, they got their money now get lost.

2,245 backers were scammed out of $394,572

they need to be held accountable for this.

look I like that Gez is trying to help but there were some employees laid off from the company earlier who tried to warn us this was all a scam. I feel bad for Gez b/c I don’t think he knew what he was getting in to.

Hi @KatieKate,

I’ve been replying to your support emails. Granted we have not been responding to emails in the most timely fashion since the Christmas and New Year break as we’ve had a backlog. We’ve worked through that now so should be quicker from here on out. It’s currently the weekend but I’ll continue responding through our support email when I’m back in work hours.

@kickscammed - I have never seen any former employee say that this is a scam - I think you’re injecting your own perceptions onto peoples words. If you have any examples please share them.

Honestly, if someone wanted to make a scam crowdfunding project, why would they stick around and work their butts off for 5 years to try and make it happen? Why would they continue posting monthly updates, and responding to constant abuse?


I have seen only one email and it was clearly an automated response since it addressed none of the issues I was raising.

The “Basic Commands” listed on the Mycroft website DO NOT WORK.
What is going to be done about it?

The email I received did not address my issue…it was a PR put together piece.

It seems to me there are 3 choices….
1] ship me a working Mycroft II
2) work with me to figure how to get this thing working….maybe send me a complete install with all the skills installed and TESTED
3) refund my money and send a return authorization…I’ll send it back

@gez-mycroft Good to see you back at the forums.

Please bare in mind, the tone here on the forums changed because no one from the official Mycroft team responded since Christmas.

That is a full month of silence after so many negative feedback. So please understand people like @kickscammed and @Katiekate .

But, most importantly… Good to see you back.


Here’s why. Most kickstart and tech startup scams have lots of employees who don’t know what’s going on and they’re constantly told everything is fine. That’s because they’re usually the ones that have to talk to customers.

Theranos had lots of good employees and they did a few really good things! but they couldn’t do what they claimed they were already able to do, and instead blew through investor’s money.

Skarp raised 4 million on the promise they had a laser razor. Lots of good employees. They didn’t have the tech either.

And that’s what this sounds like now.

Look at the facts: you have thousands THOUSANDS of PAID customers, who are NOT getting their product until more people buy them. That means that on a fundamental level, whoever made the kickstarter promises LIED about where the product was and what they were capable of delivering in the promised time.

Now you’re finally shipping something, but it’s not even close to what you showed off in the videos, and It’s basically dead on arrival unless we put third party software on it. Oh and that’s only shipping to NEW customers, with 1/10 going to the kickstarters.

You have 2000 customers who already paid you. That means you need 20,000 new customers before those people get what they paid for.

Here’s a thought. Tell your founders to get a second job or raise more money, so you can fill the orders they already promised. im glad you’re back too but right now it looks like you’re the only person working there and 2000 people are getting shafted.

Oh and this isnt what we paid for. please ship what we paid for or at least give everyone their money back

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As you are relating to Kickstarter: every campaign must describe the possible risks - among others Mycroft explicitly adressed possible risks with hardware developement, supply and delivery chains. Please read that carefully and then show me again where Mycroft becomes the second Theranos case…

I believe most of the pain, communicated on the forums are from customers who bought the “real” Mark2 device from the Mycroft shop as a pre-order.

Not many of the backers got their device already as described above; Only 1 out of the 10 devices shipped was for the first round of original Kickstart backers. There are a few people that got them, if you look online here and there, but the majority is still awaiting theirs and are asking for updates since Christmas.

Anyhow: If I understand it correctly, both @kickscammed and @Katiekate bought their device on the webshop which at that time had a certain description. In short: They did not get the device that was sold to them on the webshop.

They looked around online. Came to the forums, just to read that more users had the exact same experience and that the Mycroft team decided, only shortly after launch to go of the grid for a full month.

I strongly believe that if Mycroft would have stayed on top of things if it comes down to customer support (as any company would have done after finally releasing their product into the world), non of this harsh words would have flown by online.

In my opinion it is not about the correctness of what they say, because they are just very emotional at the moment.

At first they where (just) dissapointed. Now after a month of silence they are just plain angry.


Not only did I buy based on the web site. BUT…I had several back and forth email conversations (in early January 2022) to be certain that this device would be what my elderly Mother could use …. Out of the box.
I was assured that this Mycroft II would meet her needs.

So, not only does it not work…their own documentation is quite clear.

But, since turning it on…only silence. Repeated pleas for help…only silence. Only after trying every possible way to get support from them did I post some fairly hyperbolic posts in the hope of getting attention… only silence. I have posted this case now with the State Attorney consumer fraud division. Yet…no one at Mycroft appears to care one bit.

I have made it clear in email, posting under contact us, postings here, and now in snail mail (certified) to all 3 of their offices …I am placing a claim under implied warranty. Read the Uniform Commerical code…it is clear that they have a legal responsibility to provide the product they sold, or refund my money.

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