How can I Set the Mycroft Support Chinese Language Model?

Hi, I am a quite new to the Mycroft and I want to set it to the Chinese Language Model.
But I could not see the any setting guide in the Languages - Mycroft AI. Does mycroft support Chinese Language now?

The mycroft default language is English. But both of the pocketsphinx and Deepspeech also support the Chinese Language Model, how can I set the “lang” parameters to make mycroft system can recognize the Chinese?

Thanks everyone.

In addition to a wake word and speech to text, you’d need a text to speech, as well as for Lingua Franca to be localized. Once all that’s done, you can start localizing Skills =P

Porting Mycroft to a new language is doable, and a lot of fun, but it’s no small undertaking! You may wish to visit the ~languages channel in chat (link at the top of this window) if you have questions.