How can I check the communication between my device and cerberus?

Hi All.

I can not register my computer (Ubuntu 16) on the cerberus.
The error is:"The code doesn’t look rigth. Check for typos "
But the code you entered is correct.
How can I check the communication between my computer and the cerberus?
Is there any problem signing in for the google account?

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Works in older cerberus site (

thank you.

Hi again… :smiley:
The registration works in older cerberus site but in my computer the Mycroft stay unregistered. Anybody can help-me?
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There have been a few changes in the core code (as you have seen.) Cerberus will only work with mycroft-core up until the last release.
I would try updating your git checkout if you would like to use the new api. If you are using apt packages, you will have to use Cerberus for the time being. Hang tight, we will be releasing new deb packages / pi images soon.

By the way, the code format has changed slightly, so that’s why it’s saying you have typos.

If you are using the older Cerberus version, I would try removing ~/.mycroft/identity/identity.json and pair again.