How can I add the upgrade for the DSI cam with mechanical shutter?

You can read for example here:

That there will be a survey to add the DSI cam with mechanical shutter to the MARK II order.

Where can I get this survey?

The internal camera will have 1080p video with DSI interface, and a mechanical shutter to physically block the lens.
We didn’t forget the details: Kickstarter doesn’t allow add-on rewards, so if you were a Dev Kit, Early Bird, or 3pack backer, rest assured we’re working on the option to get you a camera. Most likely it will be a survey sent post campaign to let you add it to your cart.

BG, suisat

Hi suisat,

With the Kickstarter, the general approach is to send out a final survey to all backers once shipping dates are known so that we can confirm shipping addresses, reward configuration etc.

As we don’t yet have a release date locked in, we can’t give you a date for this survey either.

The most important thing is to make sure that your email address is up to date on Kickstarter / Indiegogo to ensure you are getting the latest updates. This is how we send all communication to our backers.

I know the wait is difficult, but thanks for sticking with us.

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THX for the reply here aswell as in the chat too.

I ordered with Did you write me there too?

Greetings by suisat

I didn’t even realise you could order straight through crowdox so that’s useful info.

But yes, as long as you keep your email address up to date through that platform, you will also get the product updates.

Any updates to this?

Hi suisat,

Have you been getting the updates via email?

Sorry, I did not get any notification about your reply.

I did not get any email about an dsi-cam upgrade. Should I get one?