HomeAssistent Entities not found

Hey there,

I have a Problem with HomeAssistant skill, maybe with HomeAssistant itself.
I am quite new to all of the VoiceAssistant and SmartHome thing…

What means I dont own a lot of SmartHome devices up to now, so its maybe not the best test enviroment…

But I got now so far that my mycroft works in my decided language and I also can do things like turn on and off my pc, weather, jokes etc… But when I added HomeAssistant it was not so straight forward:

It defenitly works and is connected together, so when I ask for the Status of my HP Printer it will give me back the actual status. So far so good. Then I added Sony Bravia Integration which also was working fine from the HA Web Interface (I used the Media Player Card to control the TV) BUT I could not get Mycroft to turn on/off the device or something else…

Is it maybe not possible to control media_player.XXX devices with mycroft`?
Or do I have to config something special within HomeAssistant?

I know the second question is maybe better to ask in the HA Forum but I thought maybe someone here had already the same issue and can help me with that.

I appreciate every help you can give me!