Homeassistant wrong group selection


I’ve just set up my first picroft. I’m trying out the Homeassistant skill, it’s connected to my HA fine but I have a problem. In my bedroom I have two groups Bedroom Lights and Bedroom Lamps. When I ask mycroft to turn on/off Bedroom Lamps it turns them on/off… yay! But when I ask mycroft to turn on/off Bedroom Lights it turns on/off Bedroom Lamps… bummer! I’m thinking maybe that mycroft scans for any Bedroom Lights and possibly because Lamps comes alphabetically before Lights it always turns on Lamps first. Both groups are a set of lights and both are in the bedroom. Is there anyway I can resolve this?

Name them something slightly more different.

Check the audio log and the skills log (in /var/log/mycroft/) to see what it hears you say and what it’s doing with that knowledge.

Yes I see now I’m going to have to rename them something different. This is a little annoying but probably the only work around.

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