Home.mycroft.com does not reflect installed skills

I’ve installed the homeassistant skill by instructing my v1 “Hey Mycroft, install the home-assistant skill”, but it doesn’t show up as being installed when I go to the skill store on home.mycroft.org, do I need to sync my mycroft to the store somehow?

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It hasn’t worked correctly since Mycroft changed the back end for me. I cannot install skills from there either.

Neither can I, at least running mycroft via the Github repo on Linux.

Does anyone know the status of this issue? Doe Mycroft have a bugtracker?

We generally just use Github issues, but this backend issue is known. Hitting the “add” button results in a 500 error, and the buttons do not reflect the status of the installation.

The team have been very focused on the Mark II for the last few months so we’ve been putting off any non-critical work.

We’re going to remove the button until it can be resolved, and in the meantime the easiest way to install a Skill is by voice - just say “Hey Mycroft, install skill name

Sounds good, thanks for removing the non-functional buttons. I also learned about the msm command line workaround, which has been very helpful. https://mycroft.ai/documentation/msm/

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