Home location for Mycroft

Can Mycroft recognize the town it is in?

When I asked for a weather report it gave me Lawrence KS.

I looked in some config files but didn’t find anything.

Since no one knows, I have looked at the source code for the TimeSkill and it says #TODO Location.

So I assume location pending. But is it only to be for Time? It would make much more sense that weather, and other location sensitive queries would make it something like a setting in Accounts or even based upon the external IP address.

Anyone want to clue us in?

So, we plan on making that a feature of the website settings shortly, but for now you can use the settings in mycroft.conf

Thanks. The example helped also.

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so for city Indore should i just change it to

“location”: "City, State, Country “,
"location”: "City, Country ",

what will be the correct syntax
as i can see that kansas is a state not country

I’m having the same issue - did you resolve this ? are you running on linux ?

We have a known issue with Location at the moment - @matheus-mycroft is currently working on it.

Are you able to post your web_config_cache.json file here so we can confirm?

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