Home Assistant GUI on Mark II

I’m not even really thinking about a full Home Assistant dashboard able to be pulled up on screen on the Mark II,
I actually think it’d be even better to have quick/small widgets available to assign to entities.
Like, it’d be awesome to have a quick-tap button on the Mark II screen to turn my home office light fixture back on after my automation turns it off after 5pm but I still have lots of work to do. :frowning:
No idea if a widget is harder or easier than a full dashboard, but maybe?

The user interface and dashboard for Home Assistant is readily accessible through OpenVoiceOS. It can be easily located on GitHub at the following link: GitHub - OpenVoiceOS/ovos-PHAL-plugin-homeassistant: HomeAssistant PHAL Plugin for OpenVoice OS. This is a native implementation of Mycroft-GUI api and is fully compatible with OpenVoiceOS and Neon Images for the Mark-2. A quick demonstration can be found at:

There is also additional work to integrate this going on to integrate this into the OVOS Homescreen dashboard, and a bounty available by Neon AI to add a voice interface to it: Open Source Bounty: Home Assistant skill for the Neon AI OS for Mycroft Mark II / Neon Core OS - #6 by Supovitz

Sadly this will not be ever supported on Dinkum as Dinkum has clearly not provided enough GUI api endpoints to make this possible by fully cutting down on allowing a fully functional GUI interface. You can always jump to a more open community alternative like OpenVoiceOS or Neon on your mark-2 to experience this kind of native user interface integration with Home Assistant.


there are also screen records of it to get a better idea of the UI interface:

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