Home assistant error

Hello guys,

I am new to Mycroft and I am trying to setup home assistant skill but I get the following message

DEPRECATION WARNING: The “name” attribute in the settingsmeta file is no longer supported.

do you have any ideas for the problem?

Welcome aboard!
There is a field in the settingsmeta.yaml file. The websettings file for your Mycroft.ai device settings page. That is no longer supported. It is a none critical message and should not inhibit the skill from running.
Looks like line 1 is the issue.

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This is fixed in the 20.02 branch. You can do the following in the skills dir /opt/mycroft/skills/homeassistant.mycroftai

git checkout 20.02

Someone (i could but I am not sure I am the right to do it) should change the default branch to 20.02 and submit update to market.
Maybe also merge the fix for missing fallback.

@forslund has changed default branch to 20.02 now, so you could also just install latest by

msm --latest install home-assistant

But s there hasbeen changes to settingsmeta.yaml your settings might disapear and has to be reentered on home.mycroft.ai