Holy moly this thing is rough

Received my Mark II yesterday. Setup was nice. Started playing with it… No actual changes made to the device, config whatsoever… After a few hours or two it stopped listening and replying completely.

Start tinkering. Flashed 20221108-mark2_dinkum.img.gz… Realize the WiFi won’t work… Re-flash 20221108-mark2_dinkum.img.gz with SSID credentials set.

Still won’t listen to me. When hitting the big button it does not light up… Which I think was the behavior before.

What is the deal? Also @gez-mycroft gez-mycroft on a different thread you mentioned that this won’t receive automatic updates? Is that correct? How do I move forward?

I’m not bashing the product, I think the hardware and everything is quite nice but the software is quiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee rough at the moment.


Hey there,

The Sandbox image you flashed is intended for development purposes. If you want to get the retail version back you can find those images here:

The Sandbox images do not have any wifi setup code included. So you need to either bake those in using the RPi Imager or manually configure it.

The retail version uses a containerized OS that allows us to provide atomic updates. In short - there is a Linux container that contains all the Mycroft code, and when an update is available we replace that container, ensure it runs as expected and mark it is updated. If something goes wrong with the update, the system will automatically rollback to the last known working configuration. So the retail version will receive new software updates over time automatically (unless you turn off the automatic updates). There is no such mechanism on the Sandbox images because they’re intended for development. As such we don’t want to overwrite your changes, and there is no ability to rollback updates in a safe and reliable way as everything is written to a common and more traditional linux system.