Hivemind, or the lack there of

I have two instances of mycroft running, one was / is my testing box running on a large machine, and one is my next level working prototype running on a Pi 4B. I thought it might be fun for the two to be able to form a “collective” of two mycroft “minds”, and I thought I remembered that what the Hive mind was supposed to do. I found the Hivemind core on github, but as with a lot of JarbasAI Jarbas stuff there are pieces missing. I checked the github page and the pieces of code that fail and not listed as projects on any github page. Any clue or is just abandoned code

Which version are we talking about? 0.10.9? (ie the dev version)
If not, pip install git+

The latest released is 0.10.7 which is incompatible (if i recall correctly)

Well thank you, so simple when one knows the correct words.

I’m Happy to give any assistance when you run into issues, as a follow up just want to point out its easier to get help by opening an issue on github or by using the matrix chat for hivemind. mattermost also has a hivemind channel where you can ask questions

It is not abandoned code, but it does the bare minimum i need it to and dev is going slow, the dev branch is quite ahead of the main branch.

The fact that to make it work like i need it to needs code changes in mycroft-core doesnt help in dev speed, works great with ovos-core but i can’t really make the dev branch the main branch yet for compat reasons, until the mk2 is out i dont really have motivation to keep compatibility with something that will soon be obsolete…

I am mainly referring to the audio service, sending a playback command from a slave device triggers playback in master device when using mycroft, needs ovos for it to play in the slave device that initiated the command. The mk2 is rewriting the audio stack in a non compatible way which makes compat even worse as i now need to target vanilla mycroft, mk2 and ovos-core…

Regardless i will look into what broke and see if i can make a new release, in the end it wont behave right in some corner cases for mycroft-core, but it should work as it always did with the usual limitations, will just work better in ovos-core!


I started looking at the ovos-core, I’m assuming you mean the one you install instead of the mycroft-core, not the ovos core OS.which is the most compatible OS would Pi OS (Debian) 64bit work. I’m not interested in 32 bit OS if I don’t have to.

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