History of Mycroft: the Making of Mycroft Part 2

Originally published at: http://mycroft.ai/blog/history-of-mycroft-the-making-of-mycroft-part-2/

This is Part 2 in the history of Mycroft - from Mark I to Mark II.

If you missed Making of Mycroft Part 1 where we talk about the first crowdfunding campaigns and our first hardware product, Mark I, check it out to learn about the beginning of the company and how we got here. You can also read our first history post: Mycroft’s Origin Story.

In the summer of 2017, we shipped the Mark I from our first Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. This was an early prototype and we learned so much. Our users unboxed the early units and shared their fun and the challenges with us. We are so grateful for the those who helped us make Mark I a much better product by sharing hardware issues and software bugs. Early users built fun skills and helped us debug issues. We introduced our new software versioning and rolled out some pretty great updates.

Behind the scenes the design team was already working on the Mark II. Joshua took the first demo to Techcrunch Disrupt to show what the new unit would look like and be capable of doing. For the next few months we worked behind the scenes to plan our next launch and continue to make the Mycroft software and Mark I better.

In January of 2018 we launched the Kickstarter for Mark II and hit our funding goal in 6.5 hours. We were blown away by the support. Our community showed they were interested in the new product we were building and shared the campaign with the world. The campaign with Kickstarter ended with 2,245 backers pledging $394,572 before we moved to an on-demand campaign with Indiegogo. Backers are continuing to support the vision of Mark II that will be delivered in December 2018.

We recently launched a funding campaign that is allowing anyone to back Mycroft through investing. This is the first time that we are inviting the general public to invest with Mycroft. We hope you are as excited by this opportunity as we are. Please, check out the campaign and read all of the updates that CEO Joshua Montgomery has shared on the page.

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i have read the whole article with the links you provided and i could say that the history of mark 1 and mark 2 is just amazing.