Hi from Burns Fisher

Hi! I’m Burns Fisher and started out with (and continue to use) PiCroft, an old Mycroft build that runs on a Raspberry Pi. I bought a Mark II to upgrade and get “on the right path” but unfortunately that was just when Mycroft.ai died. Thanks to everyone at OVOS and Neon for taking over.

I am the original author of the Hubitat Integration skill, although several people have helped with bug fixes and upgrades (thanks Mike et al!).

Unfortunately, I’m still using my Picroft. The Mark II with the latest Neon does run the Hubitat skill, but for some reason Neon just does not work well for me. Saying clearly “hey neon, what time is it” as often as not just spins the little wheel for a few seconds. Some day I’ll have time to get back to trying out additional fix suggestions, but for now I just snarl at the Mk II :slight_smile: occasionally.


Welcome back @burns ! Thanks for inaugurating this category :star_struck: I hope this new space helps your projects along. Please make yourself at home, and let me know if there’s anything that would help make things better here.