Hi folks noob here :)

Hi I’m from Norway, born in 74

Just started to test out mycroft couple of day ago and like it very much.
I understand python is the thing here so have to get started learning :slight_smile:

There is one thing I have not found out yet… how to train those voc files for use in skills… can I use the wake word trainer ?

See u around… Frode

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Hi and welcome.

No the wakeword trainer is only for training the wakeword. The .oc files is used by mycroft to determinate which skill is to be the one to proces the spoken uterance. Mycrot "train"him self when skill is loaded.

thx, than I understand a bit more :slight_smile:

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you can edit the translation in your language at https://translate.mycroft.ai/ . this will be taken over later by the respective skill developers.

Greetings, @iguanen. I’d like to add to also direct you to the skill development documentation: https://mycroft-ai.gitbook.io/docs/skill-development/introduction
There are a few sections specifically about vocab files, but reading some of the material leading up to it can really help give you a better context for understanding.
If you just want to jump to the introductory voc file specific documentation:
should be a good start.

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