"Hey, Mycroft" - Laugh maniacally!

Does someone in the community have time to whip up a quick skill that makes Mycroft laugh ( randomly ) like a maniac? Maybe call it the “Maniac Laugh Skill”.

Example of laughs that would be great ( but without the Doors soudtrack )

“Install Maniac Laugh Skill”

“Hey, Mycroft, Laugh like Alexa”

“Hey, Mycroft, Random Laughter”

It’s worth a copper Mycroft Challenge Coin. If you work as a team, each team member gets a Challenge Coin ( up to 10 team members ). Needs to be production ready with auto test.

Needs to be production ready with auto test.

what does this mean exactly?


  • laugh once on request intent
  • laugh randomly, 1 to 30 minutes interval between laughs, intent
  • stop random laughs intent
  • 11 different laugh sounds
  • en-us and pt-pt
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I installed this late last night on the VM running on my 'puter, and forgot I told it to laugh randomly…
It scared the bejeesus out of me this morning!!!

@J_Montgomery_Mycroft - Give that man his Challenge coin! :slight_smile:

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i opened a few issues with improvements i intend to make shortly https://github.com/JarbasAl/skill-laugh/issues

feel free to add any and all suggestions!

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Awesome! Let me know when you’ve connected with Steve and included the autotest phrases and I’ll have @JohnnyD-Mycroft send out a Challenge Coin.

still waiting on that coin :stuck_out_tongue:


Give that man a coin!

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