Hey Mycroft, How Can I Get a Free Mark II?

How would you like a free Mark II? Free is a good price--unless you’re getting a tattoo, or knee surgery... but nonetheless.

Today we’re announcing a referral program for the Mark II Indiegogo campaign. If you’re yet to reserve a Mark II this could be your chance to get one for free. If you have backed us you could get a second unit. Or a third.



There’s two ways to benefit from the referral program:

  • For every backer you refer to us who selects a Mark II you will get a $10 credit, which you can spend on merch or another device.
  • Once you send 10 backers our way who purchase a Mark II, you can select a free Mark II device instead of the cash.
The referral system is simple, all you need is an Indiegogo account. Log into your account and find the Mark II campaign.

Click on the link icon to generate your custom link and share it with your friends. The link button is the one circled in red below.

Put it on your blog, share it on social, or email it to your friends. The more you share, the better your chances.
Indiegogo will keep track of your referrals for you. To see how many referrals you have, simply log in and click on the icon for your account. In the drop down menu click on My Contributions. Once that page opens you can click on the tab for Referrals. We will be using Indiegogo’s tracking system so do make sure your friends use your link. If Indiegogo doesn’t count it, we won’t count it.

This campaign begins today and ends May 11th. Are you ready?

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