Heos and Harmony remote skills?

Hi has anyone written or in the process of writing a skill for HEOS or Harmony Remote (preferably both) for mycroft?

Think its prob Mycroft → HASS (Home Asistant) → HEOS or Harmony

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I cant find any skills having HEOS or Harmony in name or readme file. I use the great big and ugly unoficial mycroft-skills-list that searches github for mycroft skills.
It hassent been updated for more than a month so maybe it is time for em to update it…

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Yes, via HA its pretty easy to trigger Harmony commands (via the hub). For example to start the projector these lines are sufficient:

command: PowerOn
device: 65245933
entity_id: remote.harmonyhub

“Hey Mycroft, activate PowerOn” —> Projector starts

I have build a lot of scripts and automations including much Harmony stuff, and HA seems the easiest way to achieve this.

For the skills developers that feel the need to… :wink:

The new DENON speakers based on the same HeOS app are amazing, so would be a great addition.

Similar as the one from fortwally

To be honest when it comes to control protocols I would rather see Hass, OpenHab & Domoticz with stronger intergration and the latter 2 or at least last one some integration.
AI and homeautomation is an extremely symbiotic relationship that has a lot of advantages over indvidual control protocol skills.
Hass & OpenHab have quite good GUIs and it would be great to use the newer Mycroft GUI implementations with those also.
Domoticz is my fave as its extremely light but with the Pi4 there is plenty of load space for any of those 3.

Would love to see Mycroft become the default voice engine for the likes of Hass and not having a docker image is a major oversight.
I can create one on an official debian base as planned to do an official raspbian base but was actually surprised one doesn’t exist.
Doesn’t really matter that much with docker and Mycroft but to be able to run multiple images in containers is far more manageable than what can become spagetti of all-in-one installs.

The 3 main ‘home-assistants’ are already done and excellent examples of opensource that it would be so cool if those developers who feel the need to… do.
I do think not having a docker image of mycroft especially an official one is a bit of a hindrance as its very simple to install mycroft-core and push that to docker-hub.

Then it could be pulled and installed with something like

docker run -d -p 8181:8181 \
      --restart unless-stopped \
      -v "$HOME/.config/mycroft/profiles:/profiles" \
      --device /dev/snd:/dev/snd \
      mycroft/mycroft-core:latest \
      --user-profiles /profiles \
      --profile en

I do have homeseer as a home automation server, but they don’t have integration to HEOS. lol

I would think about swapping home automation server to one of the 3 mentioned above.
Hass.io has a skill but haven’t tried it yet.
Hadn’t heard of homeseer just had a brief look and really do suggest having a look at how strong the main 3 opensource free home automation packages are in comparison to probably a weaker subscription base such as homeseer.

But maybe someone would like to add homeseer to the dev list list :slight_smile:

shoot. I feel like I’m to far ingrained into homeseer. I’ve had it for 3 years, and have everything working great with it. Alexa fills in the gaps with heos… But I really, REALLY want to get away from Amazon devices.

I would run something up with home assistant as its the 10th most popular github repo whilst the rest are tech domain its an indication of the popularity of HASS at the moment.

I am not a big fan of HASS because I think it does too much and like leaner simpler solutions like domiticz on my device horizon of Pi like projects.
I would hazard a guess HASS tops the list in many areas though and it would be great to get mycroft in the action there.
There is a great skill that can interact with HASS but on a Pi4 it would be great if Mycroft could knock ada/almond off its default addon perch.

HASS is just hugely popular at the moment why its likely it has Mycroft, HEOS or Harmony Remote skills and why Homeseer does not.
Doesn’t mean its any better but it does herd users and protocols, choice is yours.