Helping OpenSTT out

I would like to help with OpenSTT, but I do not know how to program. I have read that they’re going to use Kaldi as the backend, and that Kaldi has over 1000 hours of audio on which to practice. From the looks of it (and from what Jonathon D’Orleans has written), it’s still going to need thousands of hours of audio just to come up to the quality that Mycroft requires. I’ve looked at the Voxforge, and I have donated audio to that. Is that one way of helping OpenSTT?


i would like to know too

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Hi, I also want to know how we can help those who do not know how to program

I guess we could help with stuff such as documentation, because open source projects tend to need that. Then again, what exactly needs to be documented? Other than that, I’d help out with that voice work stuff.