Help with the language

hello guys how are you?
I really love using mycroft, it gives me a new feeling with the computer. you are amazing.
but my family does not know how to speak English and to be honest I tried to follow the tutorial that has on the site to add the Portuguese language and I could not advance much … I need help to try to change and make him a little boy talk to my family (laughs) …
thanks for listening.

Take a look at this

in short you need to set the lang and stt and tts in mycroft.conf.

I think you can use google as the tts but have to use google_cloud for stt. The google cloud needs a api key that so you need a google dev account.

Beware that it isnt all skills and functions that is translated, but I think pt-pt is one of the languages that has a lot translation done.

hey, reach me on the chat @jarbas, i made most of the portuguese translations

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