Help with custom mic

Been a little while since my last post so hello all again.

Iv been out of action with mycroft for quite a while now, but I started a new project, iv used an old xbox 360 enclosure as my new enclosure.

Just a little info for those interested
I’m running pinn for boots multiple os
Raspbian lite (built mycroft on top)

Also installed 1tb hdd, amplifier with speakers,
A Cheap China Bluetooth device for controlling volume of the amplifier and other modifications.

So back to my original problem I’m using the 3.5mm jack of the raspberry pi for sound and a usb sound card for mic I used this setup for the mic

Has anyone ever tried this set up with mycroft
Before and had any success?

The usb sound card I’m using

Any help or advice would be helpful thanks

Have you run through the things here to see if you can get it working?

Also be sure to check the voice.log (it’s in /var/log/mycroft/).

Hey there,

It sounds like a pretty dynamic setup.

Is it both the sound input and output you are having trouble with or just one?
Is the system recognising the sound card, and is it visible in alsamixer?

Sorry iv not replied sooner, but I got it working I had data +/- the wrong way round :thinking: but its working great now, I’m only using the mic side of the usb input and 3.5mm jack for out.

one other thing iv noticed is the market place has no control over the system, the installer works fine from voice, just can’t install from marker place

that’s a known bug, it’s being worked on…there’s a couple other threads here about it.