Help with a Precise model that I trained

I spent sometime training a precise model using the tutorial. Through varies testing I got the precise to my liking. I converted the model to .pd and copied both .pd and .pb.params out to my home folder. Then I followed the tutorial on your website to use mycroft-config to set my hotword and stuff. I am not Linux btw, after that I reloaded mycroft config. The result is that no matter what I say, it no longer activates mycroft.

Hi. I can not tell you exactly what your problem is. but I can recommend my wakeword skill this skill also takes care of the conversion and configuration.

Hey there,

Can you post the output of mycroft-config show user so we can see what your config looks like?

Also in the CLI can type: “what is the active listener”
This will report whether Precise is active, or if it has fallen back to PocketSphinx. It does this if it hits a non-recoverable error in Precise.

Oh also can you confirm which version of Precise you used to train the wake word?

I don’t think v0.3.x and v0.2.x are compatible so you’d need to either train on v0.2 or change the dependencies of your Mycroft to grab v0.3

We’re doing some focused work on Precise at the moment so I’m hoping that we’ll be in a position to update Core to v0.3.x shortly too.

  "max_allowed_core_version": 20.2,
  "listener": {
    "wake_word": "hey phoenix"
  "hotwords": {
    "hey phoenix": {
      "module": "precise",
      "local_model_file": "/home/runkai/hey-phoenix.pb"

From the version command of precise-engine, it indicates that my Precise is in 0.3.0/

Also the active listener stayed Precise.

Would you say it is worth the time to set up Precise vs just using PocketSphinx?