Help needed Debugging and compiling a very new and exciting code

Hi everyone,
for the past 4 month’s I have been working flat out porting all of Alexa s code and skills to work on Mycroft.
I offered to give the code to the developers of mycroft as long as they provided me with a unit to help me get it working with the hardware( As this is my baby and I don’t want people destroying it yet), Not to my surprise the makers wanted me to hand over my code and give them a way to use it out of the box, I did not find this fair so we chose to go our own ways.

I have 75% of the code working on the picroft software and the rest I still need to find a way to cut it away from the Amazon cloud.
In all there is close to 90 gig of data in the whole system.
I’m looking for people to help me debug my code and finish my work.
If you think it is a way to get my code and then pass it off please do not bother. I will be giving out parts of code for people to debug and then I will load it into my system to check if it works.
For anyone wanting to help once the work is done then I will happily give you a copy of the system once fully finished.
At present I need as many people I can get to help me. I will send whoever offers to help a copy of a piece of code and if they can fuse it together then I will happily take them on board.
In exchange for the help of the mycroft community. If members tell me what 5 skills they would like ported over then I will take the 5 most requested load them into a script and give it to the whole mycroft community free of charge and standalone working.

Once my code is fully working I will adapt it to other hardware independent to the mycoft hardware, change the name of the AI and upload the code where others can use it for their own fun and development. Unfortunately I will not at any time be handing my work to Mycroft to use. I have worked hard on my code and if the developers will not help me with a unit then I have no choice but to go off on my own.
If you are interested in helping me with my work you can contact me with any questions on

So you wanted hardware free and because you didnt get it you will keep your code to yourself?

At the same time you ask help from open source community?

I mean, you are making an add-on to an AI that sameone gave to the world “for free” (kinda…)

I find your idea interesting, but don’t really like your stance :slight_smile:

Therefore, my counter proposal, i will not port alexa skills, i will make a mycroft skill with the same functionality if i can for 2€ in btc each


please elaborate on this part:

If members tell me what 5 skills they would like ported over then I will
take the 5 most requested load them into a script and give it to the
whole mycroft community free of charge and standalone working.

didnt really get what you meant by loading them into a script,

also please explain how would the community benefit if you wont be releasing your code (i assume you keep a closed source server running or whatever? goodbye privacy, goodbye advantages of using mycroft)


take this a friendly criticism, i think you should go ahead and make this run on any hardware you can, that’s the beauty of mycroft

but don’t just change the name of mycroft to “new_ai_name” and call it your own product, not sure on mycroft’s license, i think all you need is a disclaimer saying powered by mycroft or whatever (dont quote me on that), remember you are standing on someone’s shoulders :slight_smile:

you mentioned opening up the code at that point, kudos for that

I didn’t want free Hardware. I do this as a hobby. I wanted the mycroft hardware so I could make my code work on it.
Second, the code I write with the five skills will slipstream into mycofts code so anyone can use it.
Third. My 75% of my code runs native in the software. only 25% of the code links back to Alexa. Hence the help needed to finish it. None of my working code needs a server it all works native and as part of the unit. Only uses the internet to do functions. E.g search tag.etc. People can help if they want or not I am not holding a gun to anyone’s head. With my full working code Mycroft would be fully functional I have already done the work.
I am not going to give my code to Mycoft just so they can make a fortune off it and call it their own. You don’t know it but Mycroft OS is not as native as it looks.
Thanks for your 2 cents worth but it seems you are one of those looking for something already working not someone that would help. (One of those types that would not know how to work on code if you tried.
It took me alot of work to get all the alexa data and rebuild it to run on mycroft.
My own system talks to octoprint and is linked to my 3d printer as well, So the power of my work is fully known here.
I don’t want to make money from my work but I am not going to give it freely to a body to rape for thousands maybe millions at my expense.

mycroft is also open-hardware, it’s more or less a pi, look at the git repo and you can make it work (working on picroft should be enough, just in case it isn’t, like for enclosure stuff)

how will you make 5 skills connect to alexa, and keep the connection to alexa code to yourself? if you release that code should be enough to port any other alexa skill… thats why i tought you would have a server or something, so we requested super secret alexa skill and get only result in mycroft

how would mycroft make a fortune with your code?

everything else is ad hominem or appeal to authority which you claim to be one, i don’t doubt nor need your credentials, let’s keep the discussion healthy and factual, leave the falacies behind :slight_smile:

No As I said, I will Slipstream 5 of Alexas skills to work with mycroft and it will run native on mycroft not Alexa.
Mycroft sales would boom if all my code was loaded into it.
All of alexa’s skills running on mycroft would make it a complete unit.
Sales would go through the roof. just look at how many Alexa units have been sold.
Look if you are just here to run your mouth and troll please do it elsewhere I am looking for people to help me in exchange for me offering some of my work to this community.
Take it elsewhere and stop trolling.

i do agree that alexas skills would be a great addition

i do disagree it would make a fortune to mycroft, even assuming it was great code i am not sure they could package it and sell (depends on what the code does i guess) without some backlash from amazon (if their sales dropped enough for mycroft to make a fortune )

I will Slipstream 5 of Alexas skills to work with mycroft and it will run native on mycroft not Alexa

elaborate please, my question was how will you make 5 skills public, without people behing able to use your code for porting other skills

are you making a interperter, that just runs alexa skills in mycroft?
are you making a converter, that builds a mycoft skill out of an alexa skill?
in what way are you touching amazon servers? (i mean with what purpose )

it helps finding a potential helper if you answer questions instead of calling troll to someone who disagrees with you…