Help design the next giveaway please :-)

I would love your input into what you are doing and would enjoy doing and sharing with the community.

So far:

  • @olzeke51 that (simplifying), less focus on hardware would be good.
  • @mikejgray suggested a “Customize Your Assistant” contest, which does shift the focus. He suggested perhaps people could attempt to give their assistant’s creative personalities by doing things such as:
  • Change the wakeword

  • Update the NGI settings

  • Update the skill-about settings

  • Change the TTS

  • Change their wallpaper

  • Experiment with the alpha Persona plugins

  • I would add to that custom skills, there are some with responses that I found completely entertaining and full of personality

  • I might also physically decorate my own Mark II

What do folks think? Any more ideas? I like this idea of personality customizations, and having a giveaway to provide a little extra motivation to try them out & share with others. Do any other customizations come to mind that people could try?

This wouldn’t be limited to the Mark II, any device running Neon AI or OVOS based assistants would be completely fine.

Also, this giveaway will be shared more widely in our newsletter and on other social media.

@JarbasAl do you think end-users could use the Persona plugins, or is it fairly dev-oriented still?

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