Help configuring The Cows List

Hello, I’m pretty new to this. I hope this is the right place to ask questions like this.

I’m running Mycroft on Ubuntu and I’m looking for some help with getting The Cows List to work.

I’ve got as far as getting the API and secret, I’ve added them on the Configure Your Skills page of

On requesting Mycroft to authenticate with remember the milk I get the reply “I could not read the configuration. Please edit mycroft dot config or update the configuration on home dot mycroft dot a, i”

I’ve looked at the mycroft.conf file that i found in mycroft-core/mycroft/configuration and attempted to add the section mentioned in the github page about entering the API and secret there. This hasn’t had any effect. On asking Mycroft to update the config I’m told there were no changes so I’m not convinced I’ve even found the right .conf file.

I should mention that I did first try installing this skill on a different PC several months ago (back in January), when I got further and did get the email with a link to click on before asking Mycroft for a token. (I don’t remember if i successfully got the token, or got any further at that time - I had to scrap that PC almost straight away).

I don’t know whether I should be aiming a request like this at the developer (the issues I see being answered on github seem far more technical than simple installation and configuration hiccoughs).

Many thanks in advance

Hi Moyners,

I’ve just had a play with this and found the same issue. It looks like a little bug that’s been introduced with our backend upgrade last week. This is causing some Skill settings not to be pulled down in full. The team are working on it now.

It’s possible to manually inject these credentials in but it’s a messy hack and would need to be undone the moment there is an update, so best to wait for the backend fix if you can.

Appreciate your patience while we sort this out :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m wondering if there’s any news on the backend fix.

Hi Moyners,

Apologies, the backend issues with Skill settings were fixed a few weeks ago. Are you still having trouble with the Skill settings for this?