Hello World - Wolfgang8741

Hello all, Just joining the MyCroft community - ordered my Mark I for some fun in addition to some local Linux Install & testing. Looking forward to a packaged install and Android app.

I’m a PhD student in Information Studies at the University of Maryland College of Information Studies, meaning I have colleagues who study personal assistants, information retrieval, and privacy. I study citizen science which includes crowdsourced task design like the tagging system for activation words. I’m also working on some data import and curation on WikiData and Wikipedia.

I don’t have much free time to donate at the moment, but would like to share my insights and skills when I can manage some time. Hope we can work together on making this open work more awesome. Find me elsewhere online as Wolfgang8741 too.


Welcome Wolfgang, it’s great to have you in the Community!

I don’t think you’re alone in not having enough time for all the fun things we want to do, but glad you are spending some of it checking out Mycroft!

Is your PhD thesis on crowdsourced task design? Would love to hear more if you have anything written up already? Do you know what your main research question will be?