Hello from Ed in Arizona

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been an eavesdropper on the forum for some time. My name is Ed and I live in the Phoenix, AZ metro area.

I have two Mycroft II units, I have been using them as a voice interface with Home Assistant. This represents about 95%+ of my usage. After getting the Mycrofts I retired my Amazon Echoes forever.

My Linux skills are modest - I can follow tutorials to load an OS, install applications like Wireguard, Samba, etc. My Python skills are limited to hacking/modifying simple existing applications.

I’m more centered on hardware - my background is EE (now retired) with experience in analog transistor test/applications for displays and image sensors. If I had to claim a specialty it would be electrical measurements in the femto-ampere regime.

I’d like to see the Mycroft hardware survive/thrive and evolve into even better alternatives to Big Tech. I’ll try to contribute to that goal.

Thanks for your attention!


Hello and welcome \o/