Hello everyone how does it work?

so i installed mycroft and could any-one help wityh the fact that whenever i “hay mycroft…” ask for weather or whatever all it simply does is tell me what is capable of doing which clearly it is not because thasts all it does.
so is this a working product, seems not so far. bummer.
and if any-one could help explain why i have to re-install
" cd ~/
git clone GitHub - MycroftAI/mycroft-core: Mycroft Core, the Mycroft Artificial Intelligence platform.
cd mycroft-core
bash dev_setup.sh" everytime to get it running agian?

Hi @dynamicsines,

Have a read through our Mycroft for Linux documentation - it will guide you through the steps after dev_setup.sh such as connecting to WiFi and pairing with your home.mycroft.ai account.

Kind regards,

Hey Kathy,
Is there a means of using mycroft without leveraging your servers? For example, can I standup my own backend server for mycroft to work with? Truth be told, the entire reason for avoiding tools like Echo / Google Home is to avoid datamining and privacy concerns. If mycroft can only function with your company servers, that seems to remove the point.

You can remove home.mycroft.ai, but it means you have to do all the service authentications that home.mycroft.ai abstracts youself. We don’t have documentation for it, but if you ask in Chat a few people have done it.

private edtion, no backend needed: https://github.com/JarbasAl/jarbas-core/tree/private

personal-backend in flask (WIP): https://github.com/JarbasAl/personal-mycroft-backend/