Hello, community

Hello from Spain!

Just a brief introduction. I’ve been software developer for 20 years and I’ve always been attracted to the advance of IA in all its forms. Work always keeps me so busy but when I found out about Mycroft I told myself I would join this community sooner or later.

I’ve worked in several projects related to image processing, data analysis, natural language processing, pattern recognition, etc. I would love to see, one day, a SuperMycroft capable of ingesting data from multiple sources and really knowing what to do with it, learn from patterns and really talk to us at home, while keeping the “libre” spirit that I’ve found here.

First thing I’ve done, I’ve joined the community and clicked the small contribution that was suggested. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to actually contribute so the “two cents” are already there just in case.

And then I’ve installed it and I’ve already laughed a bit with some of the responses I’ve got.


I hope I’ll have some time to experiment and try to create some skills, but for now I’ll just install everything that exists already and I’ll try it out.

And maybe I’ll get a Mark II.


Welcome @Gabriel and I’m sure you will have lot of fun with Mycroft!

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Thank you @goldyfruit :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m sure. I’m just diving into it little by little. The nature of my job involves playing a lot with software and it turns out that’s also my hobby :stuck_out_tongue:

Voice and face identification have been improved very much in the last few years and I haven’t seen any of those in Mycroft so far, which is a bit confusing. I’ll look into it as soon as I can :slight_smile:


Hey Gabriel, welcome to the Forums!

Love your description of SuperMycroft - that’s totally our aim - keeping it offline and private so that you know the learning is benefiting you, not a company wanting to sell you more stuff.

There have been a few people try to tackle voice ID over the years but nothing complete that I can think of. For face ID checkout this repo:

Thank you very much. I’ll have a look.

I’ve played with OpenCV and related tools with good results several times. I’ll start with what you said :slight_smile:

But for now I’m creating my own flow diagrams and mini-documentation trying to make myself a good picture of the points where Mycroft can be touched for each purpose.

I’ve seen that the speech recognition is excelent. That is great. The TTS is quite funny. Skills are really easy to create. The only limitation that worries me right now is the lack of context in Padatious… A fluid conversation needs context. I’ll think about that at some other moment :slight_smile:

I’ll be around!

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