Has PiCroft been tested on RPi3A

Has PiCroft been tested on a RPi3A.
It states that it works on an RPi3 and RPi3B, but no mention of an RPi3A

A list of recommended/tested hardware for Picroft can be found here: https://mycroft-ai.gitbook.io/docs/using-mycroft-ai/get-mycroft/picroft#hardware-requirements-and-compatibility-chart

There was also some discussion somewhere here (or on Mattermost) for reasons why RPI 3A is not recommended. If I remember correctly it is because of the lower RAM…

Thanks for this Dominick.
I’ve already seen the link you sent. I saw something about an RPi2 working but being very slow but I haven’t seen anything about a 3A.
I’ve got a Google AIY Voice, a RPi3A and a blank SD card laying around so I’ll give it a shot.
If I get it working I’ll post the response times and see what people think.
Thanks again.

Hi Dominick,
I’ve setup PiCroft on the RPi3A using the Google AIY Voice kit.
It seems to work quite well.
The only problem I’m having is the setting the password during the filial part of setup on the Pi. I think I’m typing the same password but it says it doesn’t match and doesn’t give me another chance.
I’ve gone through the setup and pairing twice now with the same issue.
How do I set the new password without going through set up and pairing again ?
Thanks in advance

Hi Dominick,
I’ve set a new password now.
Everything seems to be working reasonably well. I may have to increase the gain on the microphone though. He doesn’t always respond :grin:

check if you’re on precise for the wakeword listener?

Thanks, I’ll look in to that

I set Precise on but I think the problem was the Google AIY cardboard box. The mic board kept falling in to the box or away from the holes in the lid.
I made a wooden version and to give the mics a wider view I countersunk the holes in the lid.
I also installed the Google AIY Voice Kit skill. If it doesn’t respond first time I press the button. That works great :+1: