Has anyone got Mycroft running on a PI

I’ve installed Mycroft on my PI 2 and 3 and both seem unable to run the program. I run the service.sh followed by skills.sh and then voice.sh goes into listening mode but then it just stalls. About 10secs later it hears the wake word, listens for a command for half a sec and then complains that it didn’t hear anything.

I have been able to run mycroft on a Fedora laptop just fine. Has anyone got it running on a PI. We’ve been hacking it for a few weeks now and have had no luck.

Thanks you for any help

Our devices actually run based on a PI 3 right now with no problem. Are you running ./start.sh skills, ./start.sh service, and ./start.sh voice all at the same time? All three need to be running for it to work properly. You should also be able to use ./mycroft.sh start to run all 3 at the same time easily.

One other problem I can think of is that your device isn’t paired yet. Make sure to say pair your device in order to get the pairing code and connect to Cerberus.

Yes we are running the scripts in order and it works great on a Fedora Laptop. The pairing has worked, it might be 16khz mic thing, we started with a 48khz USB mic and tried changing sample rates but that didn’t workout.

We also tried with a Cirrus soundcard but that hit the same snag. Here’s the issue in detail:

Do you have an OS image we could try, we were not able to install mycroft on Snappy due to the lack of a package manager. We wanted to buy an image but that option was removed.

Alright, so that looks like it’s probably a problem with recording your voice. Does it work well with the CLI interface?

Yes the mycroft audiotest script works well, its when the whole program is running it doesn’t seem to be able to record

I have been unable to get this to work either… everything runs fine… but it doesnt appear to hear the wake word at all on a pi 2.
I am using a usb soundcard… audiotest records and plays back audio fine

Do you need to register before this works at all? I thought you had to say “hey mycroft, register” or at least it would respond with not registered??

p.s. I am running raspbian

Ya you need to register with cyberus, however this fuctionality seems to work for us. The system will “hear” the wake word and start the registration protocol. However nothing really works thereafter