Hardware for microphone satellites

I’m going to upgrade my home to smart home.
thought about having additional microphones around, to avoid carrying the Mark around.
Are there any recommendations, whaf hardware to use?

Best would be in wall microphones next to smart switch but I think that is still not feasible.


I tinkered some time ago with Matrix Voice but did not get it to work with Mycroft (it is no longer in production and was a bit pricey, too). You might want to look into the ESP32–Rhasspy-Satellite repo which gives several ESP-based options. The M5 Atom board looks promising to me…

so I’m not the only having these thoughts

thanks a lot, but the hardware overview isn’t merged into a single page, isn’t it?

indeed :grinning:

@JarbasAl has a companion project, very much still in alpha, that works with a Pi 3. The hope is that it will eventually be able to run on a Pi Zero. It’s called HiveMind. GitHub - JarbasHiveMind/HiveMind-core: Join the OVOS collective, utils for OpenVoiceOS mesh networking

Most features work but there’s still support being built for device location and such.

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the voice-sat image may run on a Pi Zero 64, but not the 32 bit version. Im working on a build for that.

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Just a note though, this is NOT a complete OVOS image. You must have a working HiveMind somewhere in your network.

How does HiveMind performes against Neon AI?

They are 2 different things. HiveMind allows encrypted connections to several devices, but still needs OVOS running to connect to. I am not sure that it runs with Neon, but I think that it should.

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