Hard Time understanding how to download a skill I made

I am working on trying out a skill that I have programmed and trying to install it on my picroft. I am currently making my own repo on github, on my profile that is public and then using the msm install command line in the picroft terminal to download the skill that I have made. The picroft does download it, but when I try and use the skill it does not detect/recongise it. Is there something wrong with the process that I am installing the skill or the code that I have written?

It would be very helpful if we knew more. What is your skill, where is your code, how do you know when your skill is activated, what does the cli say, what’s in the logs etc.

Hi there @avellant,

You may also find the Mycroft Skills Kit very helpful;

As @dmwilsonkc said, if you can show us the code, we’ll be in a better position to assist,

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