Hacktoberfest 2020


will be Mycroft participating?

Hey Tony,

We are certainly joining in the fun.

I didn’t realise we needed to opt-in each repo this year, so I’ve just gone through and tagged all our main repo’s. There’s also a range of issues tagged with either hacktoberfest or help wanted if you’re looking for something to work on. But any PR to a participating repo should be counted including new or updated Skills.

If you spot anything that you think is missing a label, please @ mention me.


cough hacktoberfest common voice skill cough :beers:

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This is my first “hacktoberfest” ever. I’ve registered and connected my github account with hacktoberfest.

Can i choose any tagged issue or should i mark an issue that i’m working on that to avoid that two people are working on the same issue?

Hey @Thorsten, it can be useful to comment on the issue to say you’re looking at it so others can know that a PR is on its way.

You can also work on anything whether it’s tagged as hacktoberfest or not. We’re happy to mark any legitimate PR as hacktoberfest-accepted which is apparently a new label they’ve introduced to make their review process easier.


@gez-mycroft add also mycroft-homeassistant , please

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