Gui.show_image is not showing image in my pi environment

I used the show_image function that the same gui_example_skill used as “self.gui.show_image(“”, “Example Long Caption That Needs Wrapping Very Long Long Text Text Example That Is”, “Example Title”)”. I can not successfully display the image in my picroft screen. I used pi 4b and LCD output.
I also tried to install gui_example_skill in my pi and trigger by Show Simple Image Example, but nothing happens.
Does anyone know what is missing here to show the image in my picroft env?
Thanks a lot in advance.

do you have GitHub - MycroftAI/mycroft-gui: The Graphical User Interface used by the Mycroft Mark II and more installed ? I don’t believe the picroft environment can support gui currently because debian buster has outdated packages

I have tried to install mycroft-gui into my picroft env but seems not supporting yet.
I actually need to show an QR code image or open a web browser to that link in my picroft env, do you have suggestions on how I can reach that goal?
Thank you so much!