GUI for Mycroft

Can anyone tell me how to get GUI for Mycroft like the one in KDE PLASMOID.
I am currently running Linux Mate and installed Mycroft and it is running perfectly fine. Help is appreciated.

I found this but have not tried it…

Not like that. The one like the KDE PLASMOID

Hi @Kishor_Sonawane, at the moment the KDE Plasmoid is the only GUI around - this was community-developed by @AIIX. In the future we’d like to do more GUI development, but it’s not a priority for us right now.

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Can you tell me how do I use this.
Help is appreciated.

Hi @Kishor_Sonawane to use the above download the Mycroft-Ai-QtApplication AppImage from Releases · AIIX/Mycroft-Ai-QtApplication · GitHub, right-click properties → permissions → allow executable, after setting the permission double click the App Image to run it.

Additionally head over to the settings tab and set your mycroft-core path


Thank You very much @AIIX

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Hey @AIIX I downloaded the latest AppImage and it seems to run quite nicely. However when I turn it on it shows me error. I have also changed the path for Mycroft starting and stopping script. What do I do?

Hi @Kishor_Sonawane seems like my last update didn’t include the start/stop method changes so your getting that error, I’ll put that to my to do list and update the app to fix that, for now the work around would be to write your own short script to start and stop mycroft before pressing the connect button or starting it manually from the terminal using: ./ all

Here are some sample shell scripts you could use to stop/start mycroft if you want to use it from the application:

Does anyone know if the Plasmoid GUI is compatible with Kubuntu?

I have it running on 18.04 without any problems. Just follow the manual building install guide.

Have not yet installed any gui skills yet…

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