Grocery list and food ordering

Does Mycroft allow to store a “grocery list” by simply dictating it to Mycroft orally (for example after you look into the fridge and pantry and see you’re missing some items) ?
Also, is there any way for Mycroft to order food directly from the supermarket (food delivery) ?
I’m not sure which software solutions exist for this which can work with Mycroft’s OS.
I’m mainly thinking of say orders from Ocado, farmdrop, Tesco, Gousdo, Asda, InstaCart, AmazonFresh, Safeway, Walmart, My Cloud Grocer, …
I know this might already be possible through “smart fridges”, but those things are expensive and I already own a fridge, I think this is a good alternative then (no need to change my fridge, and still have this functionality more or less).

This and this should be viable

I see that solves the grocery list creation issue, however what programs exist to export that as an “order” to any of the mentioned companies so that this list of items actually get delivered to me at my doorstep ?

There is no such thing